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19th October 2014


15th July 2014


_|| “Bring Me The Head Of…” ||_

I have a question for you dear friends…
This week I am creating a image for the front of a poetry collection 
by Pete Cardinal Cox, titled “Bring Me The Head Of…”
I am working on Antelope / Deer themes & this is my question for you, deer friends…
Have You had a unusual, special or memorable moment when you have seen a deer??
When / where / what etc….

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29th May 2014


23rd May 2014

Photoset with 3 notes

These photographs were exhibited as part of the events at St. John’s Church Peterborough on May 17th to mark 150 years since John Clare’s death.

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18th April 2014


set of 3 self portraits for Good Friday.

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11th April 2014

Photoset with 2 notes

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20th March 2014

Photoset with 1 note

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20th March 2014


Lavandula March 2014 Peterborough

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11th March 2014


Lavandula Live music in #Peterborough. @LavandulaLive #livemusic, #party, #dancing, #livebands, #gigs, #music, #rocknroll, #DJs, #bandphotography

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11th March 2014

Photoset with 2 notes

Peterborough based and ‘Twitters No.1 followed blues guitarist worldwide’….

in December 2013 Chris’s single ‘Lipstick On Her Cigar’ hit the top spot in the itunes blues chart.

In 2012, 
Chris was chosen as one of the top undiscovered guitarists in the world. Chris was given the accolade by acclaimed international music producer and photographer Robert Knight who, in partnership with leading guitar manufacturer Fender, flew around the world looking for new talent. Mr Knight is creating a platform to promote young artists and is currently searching the globe to find the best as yet undiscovered guitarists. He came across Chris by viewing clips via YouTube. After flying to the UK to meet Chris, he filmed footage of the youngster playing in John Henry’s rehearsal studios in London.

In 2013,
Chris’ online popularity started to soar, leading him to become Twitter’s most followed blues guitarist worldwide, along with gaining millions of hits on YouTube. Chris released his first single on the 20th November, entitled ‘Lipstick On Her Cigar’. The single hit No.1 on the iTunes & Amazon Blues charts after just one day of sales


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